Our Counselling Process

Below are some of the more frequently asked questions when a client makes the initial contact, and how we proceed from there.

In the first session I usually introduce myself and the way I work (my approach etc). I ask some questions to gain a better understanding of the client’s background, their situation, the client’s needs, and what they hope to gain from counselling. I will also discuss some practical matters such as; appointment days and times, cancellation/reschedule policy and an agreement on confidentiality and fees etc. Finally, there will usually be time to discuss remaining questions the client may have.

Usually there will be a decision made about a number of sessions. I normally recommend at least 6 sessions for the client to gain the benefit of counselling, after which I will review the progress together with the client. There is no pressure and the client can thereby share as much as he/she is comfortable with in counselling sessions.

The duration of counselling is different from person to person, so the duration of counselling cannot be predicted. It can vary from a few weeks up to a few months or longer. The standard fee for a 50min session is €50. However I also offer a limited number of spaces on a sliding scale for people who are on a low income, students and people who are unemployed. If you need to reschedule or cancel a session, we request our clients give at least 24 hours notice; otherwise missed appointments or inappropriate notice can incur the full cost.

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