Welcome to Swords Counselling & Psychotherapy Service

Swords Counselling Service offers a calm space in which you can explore the difficulties you are experiencing in your life. We offer a warm, caring and non-judgemental place for you to overcome those difficulties.

Our Counselling Process

We know the first step is the hardest.

In Your first session we will usually explore issue(s) together. There is no pressure and you share as much as you are comfortable with. We will discuss some counselling and psychotherapy guidelines that will ensure you get the best service possible.

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What Happens Next?

Usually there will be a decision made about a number of initial sessions. Normally we recommend at least 6 sessions after which we review progress.

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How long does it last?

The duration of  counselling is different  from person to person, so the duration of counselling cannot be predicted. It can vary from a few weeks up to a few months or longer.

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I was at a very difficult and scary place but you helped me more than I could of imagined. You gave me some powerful and healing mental tools which really enabled me to get back to my normal self and help me move on with my life. I am eternally grateful.


If your reading this and hovering over the phone, don’t waste any more time, pick it up and make the call, you won’t regret it.


It has given me the confidence to realise that I have great qualities and I’m actually quite proud of what I have achieved.